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      1. 您好,歡迎來到您的網站!

        ABOUT US

        Guangzhou Baiyunshan Mingxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (original Guangzhou Mingxing Pharmaceutical Factory) is one key enterprise of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holding Group Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Stock Limited Company. Being established in 1900, our company has developed for over one hundred years from a few pharmaceutical workshops, like original "Lijixuan", "Liangpeiji", etc....


        • Ming Xing Qing Kai Ling glow

          Stumbling over more than thirty years, "Chinese medicine law" in July 1, 2017 formally implemented. This law is the first time that China has clarified the important status, development guidelines and...


        Care for life, the pursuit of excellence

          Qing Kai Ling injection (intravenous) 5 * 2ml

          Detoxification, phlegm meridians, wake up resuscitation. For fever, Shen Shen, stroke hemiplegia, confusion; acute hepatitis ...

          Qing Kai Ling Capsule (36 capsules)

          Detoxification, calm and soothe the nerves. For exogenous wind-induced fever, irritability, safety, sore throat; and upper respiratory tract infection ...

          Qing Kai Ling particles 9 pouch

          Detoxification, calm and soothe the nerves. For exogenous wind-heat poisoning, fire poisoning caused by high fever, restlessness...

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          Guangzhou Baiyunshan Mingxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Address : North NO.48 Industrial Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Postal 
          Code : 510250
          Tel : 020-84307259   84307254
            020-84263185   84364751
          Fax : 020-84335899   84324723
          Sales Hotline : 020-84335899   84324723
          Service Hotline : 020-84335899   84324723

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